cerrar Close aceptar Agree cancelar Cancel añadir Add aldeas Villages tropas Troops materias Materials nivel_maximo Max level nivel_final Final level tool1 To use the program must first connect tool2 If this is your first time using the program, you need to register your nickname and server to be able to use the program in your account tool3 Here are the instructions needed to expand for more time access to the program tool4 The program uses a lot of information that identifies the way you play and how they should behave the program according to your interest, it is important to save before you close the program. Your $ configuration is stored in our data base, where their representatives are connected to your account also have their same preferences tool5 Performs the expansion level of raw materials depending on their configuration chosen. $ Giving this button, only run once for each click. $ If a village does not have assigned a priority, will try to expand the box from which fewer resources available in the village if it does not preclude any exception tool6 Can select what type of field we want to climb up to that level and before any of the other tool7 Can select what kind of matter we do not want to climb level. $ The program never expanded its kind in this village until we remove the exemption tool8 Configure the program to try to expand the raw materials available in all villages tool9 We may want to select villages where the program act tool10 Performs the expansion level of the buildings to their settings chosen. $ Giving this button, only run once for each click. $ If a village does not have assigned a priority, try to expand the building that costs less resources in this village if it does not preclude any exception tool11 Can select what type of building we want to climb up to that level and before any of the other tool12 Can select what type of building we do not want to climb level. $ The program never expanded its kind in this village until we remove the exemption tool13 Configure the program to try to expand the buildings available in all villages tool14 We may want to select villages where the program act tool15 Perform the transfer of resources from their villages. tool16 Configured to send resources and villages to which tool17 Set up the transfer of resources as a string. $ Villages strongest send their materials to the most devil. tool18 Conducts the sale and purchase of resources in the market. tool19 Village states that conducted the purchase and sale of resources and with that amount. tool20 Performs sending troops in any other way to the map coordinates. tool21 Set the sending of troops to other villages. tool22 Performs sending troops in any other way to the map coordinates, so that your arrival is at a particular time. tool23 States that sent troops villages planned arrival. tool24 Performs sending troops in any other way to the map coordinates, so that your arrival is at a particular time. tool25 States that sent troops villages planned arrival. tool26 It creates all kinds of troops in a given village. tool27 It stipulates that troops villages created. tool28 Performs the demolition of buildings in your village tool29 States that buildings were demolished tool30 It stipulates that troops since until that level will improve defense tool31 Performs better defensive level in your troops tool32 It stipulates that troops since until that level will improve the attack tool33 Performs better level your troops in offensive inicio Home materiasp Production edificios Buildings mercado Market tropas Troops compact Compact Battles enviare Send Email evitara Prevent Attacks detectara Detecting Attacks apagado Off mejorart Improve Troops demolicion Demolish estadisticas Statistics buscara Search Villages igma IGM Attack chat Chat tools Tools tutorial Tutorial conectar Connect desconectar Disconnect reconocer Update Villages changes registrarse Register editarp Edit Profile idioma Language borrar Clear Settings guardar Keep activari Home to activate Windows desactivari Disable Windows Startup actualizarvo Official Version Update actualizarvb Update Beta Version desinstalar Uninstall sonidoon On Sound sonidoof Off Sound salir Exit iniciar Start prioridades Priorities excepciones Exceptions aldeas Villages todas All elejir Select traspasarm Transferring Resources comprarv Buying / Selling Resources añadiro Add Other Villages configurar Set hacerc Making Chain Villages manual Manual mocimient Continuous Send Troops creart Create Troops programarm Troop Movements schedule with Arrival detenert Stop All recibirl Showing receive Flicks enviarer Send Errors to the Admin enviarc Send Comment to the Admin accion Action parar Stop hora Time faltan Missing apagaro Shutdown Computer reiniciaro Restart Computer cerrars Sign Out cerrarp Close Program pararm Stop Maintenance ordenarm Order Maintenance avisos Notices informem Report Changes indormee Report Errors paginaw Web Page foro Forum soluciond Solution of Problems acercad About ... mejorara Improving Weapons mejorard Improve Armour hacerm Make Maps packg Graphics Pack buscari Search Inactive analizador Analyzer editar Edit eliminar Remove auto Auto mantenimiento Maintenance configuraciong Remote Configuration loginx LogIn x Maintenance smsi SMS IGM smse SMS / Email Attacks igma IGM Attacks mine Min. Wait listadod Listing Movements retardo Web msec delay compventr Buy / Offer Resources distribuirr Send Resources movimientot Send troops programart Schedule Troops sala Chamber opciones Options configuracion Setting notas Notes ocultar Hide cuentaa Mant countdown email Email movil Mobile ultimav Last Revision ultimab Last Beta permisoui Permission to Use indefinido Undefined web Web 1 Selected villages 2 Excluding Villages 3 Selected villages 4 Aldeas que el programa no mejorará 5 Villages that the program will not improve 1 Finder villages 2 Web msec delay 3 Source villages 4 Distance 5 Find 6 Only empty villages 7 Will limit the number of villages cereal 8 Every time you load a web page, to look this time expressed in milli-seconds 9 Village from which it will begin looking 10 Hata number of boxes which will look 11 Number of villages to find 12 Limit search to empty villages 13 Type of villages 1 Hide 2 Update 3 Send 4 Leave 5 Chat 1 Chat Rooms 2 Nick 3 Chamber 4 Conectar 1 Compactor Battle 2 Aggressor 3 Defensor 4 Races 5 Romano 6 Galo 7 Germano 8 Options 9 Hide Name Aggressor 10 Hide Village Aggressor 11 Hide Name Ombudsman 12 Hide Village Defender 13 Hide Date and Time 14 Hide Troops 0 15 Language 16 Peque here reporting on the battle 17 Stick 18 Clean 19 Copy 1 Data Access 2 Enter your details and click on connect 3 Nick 4 Password 5 Server 6 Save Settings 7 Hidden in Open Mode 8 Connect Automatically 9 Start Maintenance 10 Translations 11 Traders arriving 12 Already under construction 13 Connect 14 Cancel 15 Search Servers 16 Request a new server 1 Yes 2 No 3 Next 4 Add Priority 5 Add Exception 6 OK 7 Confirmation 1 Change Data User 2 Account Data 3 Email 4 Mobile Number (Only Spain) 5 Village Chief 6 X Coord 7 Coord Y 8 Races 9 Romano 10 Germano 11 Galo 1 Demolish 2 Villages 3 Buildings 4 Level Final 5 Select a village, building and the level he wants to come 1 Edit list 1 Add other villages 2 Edit 3 Remove 5 Data village 6 Village Name 7 X Coord 8 Y Coord 1 Statistics on growth 2 Inhabitants 3 Num Villages 4 Villages 5 Rank 6 Current Month 7 Two Months 8 Three Months 9 Four Months 1 Assigned Exceptions 1 Set IgM Attack 2 If you have checked the box next to 'IgM Attacks', when receiving an attack will be sent automatically to a igm recipients who can enter below, with accompanying text 3 Nicks Recipients 4 Matter 5 Text IgM 1 Information 1 Improve attack 2 Final level 3 Select a village tipe of troop and level 1 9improve defence 2 Final level 3 Select a village tipe of troop and level 1 ¡¡you are under attack!! 1 Order, actions, maintenance 1 Origin 2 Destiny 3 Mode 4 Reinforcements 5 Attack : normal 6 Attack: Raid 7 Target #1 8 Target #2 9 Rep. 10 Arrival hour 11 Activate/deactivate 12 Delete 13 Up 14 Down 15 Village 16 Buy 17 Only alliance 18 Max. duration 19 Send 20 Recieve 21 Withdraw 22 Deactivate if bring rams 23 Deactivate if brings catas 24 Actions 25 Dodge all 26 Dodge first attack 27 Escape 28 Ask for reinforcement 29 Act 30 Continuously 31 When detect.. 32 Before arrival 33 Min. 34 Coordenades 35 X 36 Y 39 Selected villages 40 Shipping only once 41 Bookings 42 Max Capacity 43 Sell 1 Ask for data 1 Priority assignment 1 Register user 2 Complete acces avaliable and free during the next xxx days after the registry. only can be registered once a nick in a server, from this account you will be able to use the program incuiding your representatives, enter the nick that you use in travian, the server where the nick is and an email account for stay in contact with you if is necessary to. 3 Account data 4 Nick 5 Server 6 For use the program correctly, we recommend that you read the tutorial with attention, you can acces to it via web or in the menu in the up of the program menu. 7 Register 1 Config. attaks 2 Activate all 3 % of acceptable troops 4 If not enough troops 5 Switch to other 6 Wait 7 Pages to check 8 Config. attacks 9 Config market 10 This acton could fail use it in extreme situations 11 Config answer to an attack 12 Config. trespass 13 Mark inf. comerce like readed 14 Minium sending 15 Config. troops 16 Troops in each execution 22 Config. programmed 1 Select your race 2 Races 3 Romans 4 Teutons 5 Gauls 1 Search server 2 Search 1 WAITING TO OTHER WINDOW#$if you have only a window opened double click on this message# 2 THE PROGRAM CANT ACCES TO INTERNET$a firewall is blocking it (give permission or deactivate it) or you are under a proxy 3 SERVER DOWN 4 ACTIVATED OFFLINE MODE 5 TRY LATER OR ENTER TO OUR WEB www.travianbabysitter.com 6 We wasnt able to obtain the config profile for the program, $reopen the program 7 An error occurred closing the pc or closing the program, the manteintment will be canceled... 8 This version is not allowed, you have to update 9 The current version will be updated: V.#1$new version: V.#2 10 The program was downloaded bad, please download again 11 Configuration online not readed 12 Configuration wasnt able to read 13 It wasnt able to keep the local config. close and open the program once again for retry 14 You need to write your nick or password 15 Wrong Nick or Password 16 Login not realized well 17 Village data not gathered well, reconnect please... 18 You have to introduce the coordenades of your village from "profile edit" 19 An error occured in the capture of villages 20 You need to make login to keep the congiguration 21 INCORRECT 22 The register has been disabled, now you can use TravianBabysitter under you responsability without registering 23 The time introduced is invalid 24 ERASING COMPLETED 25 INCOMPLETE EARSING 26 ERASING DONE THE PROGRMA NOW WILL CLOSE 27 Destinatario bloqueado por el Administrador (#)$Compruebe que está bien escrito 28 Recipient not defined 29 You neeed to log in for use this action 30 No errors 31 No programed moves 32 Programmed movements stopped 33 No attack evasion 34 Evasion of attacks stopp3d 35 Enter a nick 36 Travian-Babysitter will initiate with windows 37 An error occurred 38 Travian Babysitter will not be rebooted with windows 39 Last version 40 Last beta 41 You wish to cancel the shutdown? 42 You wish to cancel the reboot? 43 You wish to cancel the session closing? 44 You wish to cancel the stop? 45 You wish to cancel the stop? 46 Pc shutting down in 60 sec. 47 Pc rebooting in 60 sec. 48 Pc closing the session in 60 sec. 49 Progrma closing in 60 sec. 50 Mainteinance stopping in 60 sec. 51 ADV. LOG 52 YOUR SERVERS 53 No servers obtained. reopen the program 54 Write your email 55 Production|Buildings|Resource transfer|Buy/Offer resources|Send troops|Create troops|Program movements|Demolish|Answer to attacks 56 You have only one village? 57 Sms sent -> new igm recieved 58 You wish to quit the attacked village? 59 You wish to sask for support in attacked village? 60 You wish to retire troops in village? 61 You wish to send the troops in 62 You wish to send the programmed troops in 63 Arrival Hour 64 Send Troops initiated -> hour 65 Village not found 66 Proceed with the demolition? 67 Final level 68 Demolish 69 Village not found 70 You wish to make this troops in the barraks? 71 Create Troops 72 You wish to realize the buying? 73 Village 74 Recieve 75 Send 76 Buy resources 77 You wish to realize the sell? 78 Sell resources 79 Village not found 80 Detecting attack 81 Attack to 82 Velocity 83 Sms sent 84 Email sent 85 Igm sent 86 You wish to upgrade production? 87 You wish to upgrade the materia prioritary? 88 Prime material upgraded 89 You wish to upgrade the prioritary building? 90 Building upgraded 91 You wish to upgrade the building? 92 Upgrading building 93 You wish to send the comercials? 94 Resource movement 95 Anti.block system executed 96 Manteinance reeboted 97 Seems that not answer 98 Write your Password in Travian or +TEXT for change the description of the icon 99 Translations made by:$Portugues - Carlos Alves, Micro Mouse$Francés - Laurent$Ingles - Dani Montserrat "cyrano18@msn.com"$Italiano - Terabyte, KenZo$$For contact to the admin or ask for permission to the program please send an email to 100 YOU WISH TO KEEP THE CONFIG?? 101 PRESS IN CONNECT OR REGISTER 102 WAIT 4 LOGIN 103 PRESS TO CONNECT 104 MAINTEINANCE IN PROCESS 105 PAUSED 106 CLOSING PROGRAM 107 UPDATING PROGRAM 108 The chat is disabled 109 Auto shut down initiated 110 You wish to delete your config?? 111 You wish to erase all configs? 112 You wish to keep this config?? 113 Message sent to: 114 List of movements 115 You are under attack 116 You wish to install the program? 117 Programmed avoid attack 118 Wait 119 Troop movement waiting -> send time 120 Write your mail 121 What is your problem? 122 Will be asked to the admin to add this server 123 You have been banned 124 Motive 125 Redention 126 Troop movement programed 127 Stopped 128 Avoid attaks 129 The chat is deactivated 130 MOVEMENT LOG 131 PROBLEM SOLUTIONS 132 The first thing to do when you thing something is going wrong is relogin to the account. 133 If not runs, reopen the program. 134 If you are logged in your account you can erase the config. by pressing in Windows - erase config. after, log, connect your account again and remember to not keep the config. when it asks. 135 If you press in "erase config." withowt beeing logged in an account, you will delete all canfig. archives of the program. 136 You can alse uninstall the program, remember that for try to solve the problem you must add the folder"progrma archives\travian babysitter" and reinstall the program. 1 Press first in STOP and wait the bar arrive to the end 2 You must select the tipes of village to search 3 You must select a village 4 Wait 5 Say 6 The admin blocked you to use the chat if you are not logged in 7 No rooms 8 You must introduce a nick 9 Trop. - losts - alive 10 Losts 11 Rentability 12 Without defence 13 Losts in defending 14 Total losts 15 Your nick has invalid characters 16 Your password has invalid characters 17 You must introduce your nickname 18 You must select a server 19 You must select a server 20 You must introduce your password 21 Error modifying data 22 No data... 23 This selection is already added 24 A D D E D 25 Select 26 You must introduce the name of the village 27 The coordenades must be numericals 28 Charging estatistics... wait.... 29 Grow of pop. 30 Grow number of villages 31 Villages grow 32 Rank of growing 33 Days 34 Population 35 Villages 36 Players 37 You cannot see the rank 38 Select a village 39 Select a buliding or prime materia 40 Village not found 42 When connect, in the bottom appears the translation of "comercials approaching" that uses travian in the game. send it to 43 PRINCIPAL 44 MATERIALS 45 BUILDINGS 46 Registry has been deactivated, you can use travian babysitter under you responsability without register. 47 Is obligated to introduce a nick 48 Is obligated to select a server 49 The nick #1 is already taken #2.cannot be registered twice. 50 The registry has been sucessful you can now run the program. we wish you to enjoy it! 51 Select origin 52 Select destiny 53 You must select civ. to complete the action 54 Is obligated to select a village 55 Coordenades missing in a selected village 56 Select Village 57 Arrival hour incorrect 58 VILLAGE SELECTION cannot be blank 59 Is obligated to select a village of destiny 60 Send Troops failed(Changed active village) -> Hour 61 Send Troops failed(Not enough troops 62 Send Troops failed 63 Hour 64 Movement Troops Launched -> Hour 65 Send Troops ERROR -> Hour 66 YOU7 MUST PRESS "CONNECT" TO ENTER TO YOUR ACCOUNT 67 Welcome to Travian-Babysitter 68 Server down, please try again later... 69 You are not registered in the program probably you introduced a wrong nick or wrong server, if not, create a new user. 70 Your account don't have aCCES to the program, you exceed the limit usage, send an email to travianbabysitter to report. 71 An error occurred that not allow to use the program, we are working on it, please indicate your problem in the CHAT of the progrma or in the Forum 72 Internet connection Lost 73 Planning of Maintenances 74 Click in the Tables in color for change the state. Red: blocked maintenance. Green: allowed Maintennce. 75 Export 76 Import 77 Activate planification 78 Default minutes 79 You can choose how long each will execute the mainenance, expressed in minutes. Leave it in blank to use the default minutes. 80 Planification 81 Configs exported correctly 82 Configs imported correctly 83 Error exporting configs 84 Error importing configs 85 You wish to export the configs for the accounts? 86 You wish to import the configs for the accounts? 87 For free versions is limited to # 88 We have detected that your config not corresponds to this account. the config will be erased and the program rebooted 89 Use several accounts at once 90 For use several accounts at once, you have to open a instance of the program for each account you have. the program has a waiting system for not to realize manteinance in several windows at once when the first window realize actions in Travian, the rest of the windows should show a message "WAITING FOR ANOTHER WINDOW". If you double click it, you will disable the waiting system. 91 Do you wish to charge the remote config that you kept in our server? (recommended if you use the program in different computers) 92 Plus: 2 times 93 Activate auto export 94 Deactivate Auto Export. 95 Minium troops to create 96 Data sent to travian 97 Data sent to travian babysitter 98 The nick and password introduced is valid? 99 Realize the login in Travian Manually and then when you are in the account press "connect" again 1 In Big Building 2 Click here to begin the improves 3 Restarted by blocking browser 4 On - Chat Automatic 5 Off - Chat Automatic 6 On - Maintenance Warning 7 Off - Maintenance Warning 8 CONFIGURAR TRUPPENTOOL 9 Puede crear una cuenta en www.truppentool.eu para gestionar las tropas de toda su alianza. Cuando tenga una cuenta en esa web, escriba los datos de acceso a su cuenta para que Travian-Babysitter recoja los datos de sus tropas y los añada automáticamente en TruppenTool. 10 DATOS CUENTA 11 CONFIGURACIÓN 12 Nick 13 Password 14 Código Alianza 15 Cada 16 Horas 17 Activar 18 Scout Resources 19 Buildings 20 Equipos 21 Select Group 22 Create Group 23 Configurar Equipos 24 Nombre 25 Tipo 26 Mezclado 27 Ataque 28 Defensa 29 Si usa PROXY, introduzca la ip y el puerto con este formato 30 Proxy actual 31 Create Target 32 Excel 33 Text 34 Reemplazar 36 Cargar 37 Pegue o seleccione un archivo con el texto que desea importar. 38 Copie o guarde el texto que desea exportar. 39 Selected villages 40 Random,Woodcutter mine,City Wall,Iron mine,Sawmill,Brickyard,Iron Foundry,Grain Mill,Bakery,Warehouse,Granary,Main Building,Marketplace,Embassy,Centro Cívico,Residence,Palace,Treasury,Trade Office,Armory,Blacksmith,Tournament Square,Rally point,Barracks,Establo,Workshop,Academy,Brewery,Hero's Mansion 41 On - Attack Warning 42 Off - Attack Warning 43 Without Advertising 44 How to Remove Advertising 45 Validate Certificate 46 Enter the code you received via email. 47 For this computer 48 For my current account 49 Paste 50 Validate 51 Need a coupon to use 52 Enter the Captcha in Travian and start the maintenance. 53 Off - Captcha Warning 54 On - Captcha Warning 55 Delete reports 56 User-Agent 57 Links 58 Open here 59 Url 60 Capture Url 61 Restart program each 62 Save settings each 63 Minutes 64 Login 65 Next check 66 Group 67 Ram restart the program if needed 68 No cargar imágenes 69 ¿Desea eliminar el nick? 70 Cerrar sesión si faltan