Welcome to Travian-Babysitter

May, 2009

Travian-Babysitter is the first professional bot for travian, that will do everything you wish at your account without the need of being in front of a computer. It is totaly configurable and that is why it is 100% efective and safe.

¿Are you tired of being in front of your computer waiting for a construction to be finished or to see that somebody is attacking you? This is your oportunity to have more free time without leaving the game that so much time have you dedicated and enjoyed.

Sleeping is necessary, but while you sleep ¿what happens in your account? You are not only losing time that others use for to advance more than you, also you can be a target of assaults of other players who will make you delay and lose a lot of resources or troops. It would be a good idea to have someone who take care of the account while you sleep, isn't it?. So if you don't have somebody, this program can be your salvation. You just have to tell it what do you want it to do at night in its configuration and it will behave as if it were yourself...

Este programa se encuadra en los automatizadores o bots, esto quiere decir que el programa realizara acciones sobre tu cuenta automáticamente si que tú tengas que hacer absolutamente nada. Hay algunos publicados en internet de este mismo tipo, sin embargo su uso es tan simple que el rendimiento es francamente escaso. Este programa te ofrece una gran variedad de configuración, lo que aumenta en cierta medida su dificultad, cosa que será superable leyendo los consejos que aquí se indican y dedicándole un poco de tiempo con interés.




We need traduction for different lenguage, we have created a section in wich anyone who want can simply traslate the web content.



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