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It makes building


since yesterday I notice that my babysitter did not evolve resources or buildings in any village, but each time he does the maintenance on the bottom right of movement in the list it appears as a task as done, but makes no construction. is only good at detecting attacks and transfer funds.
I tried installing the new beta version of the babysitter and I can not even install it.

thank answer
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cannot obtain server list

it come out cannot obtain server list, may i know how to fix this?
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cant login

im using IL travian servers
and when I try to connect with the travian babysitter
it says its unable to recongnize well the login.. or somthing like that

can it be fixed..?
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Hello everybody, 1 question please


First I would like to thank you for this awesome work you did as a free release, I have 2 drawbacks ='( :

1) Im noob in travian
2) I cant speak spanish =l

As I am currently learning the game, I ticked every box and the bot seems to work well.
I was wondering, is the bot using a template when all auto ticked or is it just looking for something that can ...
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English translation



Please make a working english version!
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