Tutorials Configure prevent attacks received

Configure prevent attacks received

This is the window where you will set your troops to do when a village is being attacked. Select the village for which you want to set the attack response.

Actions: Determine you will do your troops in response to the attack:

Dodge-All: Your troops will leave few seconds before the attack comes, to return a few seconds later.

First Strike-Dodge: Dodge in the same way as above, but only the first attack, when the troops return to defend the village against attacks that could come.

-Reinforcements, attack, looting, troops are sent in this way to the village or villages we choose.

"Asking for support: Bring troops choose to defend villages for support.

Percentage / Team: Enter the% you want to send troops as attack, reinforcement or ask for support. If you select a team, the% is the percentage of acceptance of troops regarding that team.

Respond: When will the action run on?:

-Continuously: Each time maintenance is run, it will perform this configuration.

"To locate it: When maintenance detects the attack, run this setup and will not take it into account for that particular attack.

"Before Arrival: Write a few minutes before the arrival of attack we want to run this configuration. No need to match maintenance.

Coordinates: Write the coordinates of the village to which troops will flee or seek support and click the "ADD" button. You can add all the villages you want, in the case asked the percentage support request in writing to each, if the troops are going to flee or attack will be shared between all the villages. If you selected a team or ask to send the same troops each.

It can happen that will prevent an attack troops will encounter another attack back, use it if you can not serve them personally.