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Configure attacks

You have to set a troop movement on each line:

% Troops acceptable: Percentage of troops the equipment, which are valid for sending troops, if there are not enough. Example: You selected a team of 100 troops in total and has a 50% acceptance, if you only have 30 troops not sent, but if you have 70 if the shipments.

If there is not enough troops: If a movement does not have enough troops, you can either try the other movements of that village or block until you send it.

Create Destination: Add new target villages for the movements. Enter a name for the village, its coordinates and click "OK."


Create teams: Adds new equipment for the movements. Enter a name for that computer, select the type and choose the number of troops that comprise each class. The number next to the computer name is the identifier be placed on the movement of troops.


Export: Saves all configured movements in Excel or plain text file, then you can add new moves in that file, to make it faster.

Import: Add or replace the set moves from an Excel or plain text. These files must have a specific structure to be recognized, so it is recommended that you export and then modify the file the first time.

Source: Village from where will the troops.

Destination: Village of the troops arrived (optional select it).

X and Y: are the coordinates on a map of travian village destination.

Mode: Troops can be sent in four modes. Reinforcement (the troops sent to support another player), robbery (the troops will target the theft of resources to the enemy), attack (the troops removed the enemy army) to withdraw support (the troops have withdrawn support to the village destination).

Obj. Spy: If you send spies to other villages, select your target.

Obj. Tasting: Choose the target to destroy the tastings, if you can shoot two goals while also selects the second.

Equipment: ID of the teams selected for this movement. If you select several separate between "," if there are enough troops to send the first team, will try with the second, and so on.

Select Team: all teams appear set to be able to select them, their number is added to the motion.

Rep: Number of times to send troops, then disable the movement. If you do not want ever to be turned off, leave it at 0.

Active: Check to activate the program moves forward.

Arrival Time: Only appears in the programmed motion indicates the time that we want the troops to reach the destination village, according to the travian server time.


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