May, 2009

Travian-Babysitter it can perorm for you the mayority of the respective actions that Travian needs:


  • It works in every server:

The program is totally compatible with any travian server, independently of the language in which it is implemented. Thanks to this unique characteristic, Travian-Babysitter takes the lead of bots at this online game.


  • Battle report compressor :

Travian-Babysitter has its own battle report compressor, this utility alows you to publish the reports of your battles in forums, chats, etc...


  • Online configuration:

All the modifications that you make on the program will be kept in our servers, so you will be able to use the program with your settings, independently of the place where you are connected (house, work, school, etc...)

If you have some representative, your mutual understanding will be perfect when having both, the same way to follow.


  • Upgrade raw materials:

You will be able to upgrade the level of your raw materials without having to wait until they finish without having to click, saving a long time, with which your production will increase much quickly.

How does the program decide wich raw material to improve? It tries to imitate the logic of any player, scanning the amount of each resources your village has and will decide to extend the square of that raw material that less resources you have. If its level could not be raised ("it does not have sufficient resources") it will extend the second thing you needed most and so on...


  • Upgrade building levels:

Any building that was already buit in your village will be able to increase automatically of level, so your culture point will be quickly multiplied, and your next village will be more closer of your hands.

The expansion of your buildings is very subjective, each player prefers to raise buildings before others. The program offers another way to see the problem, extending the building that less resources costs of all those that you have constructed, so the of inhabitants will raise drastically with this system, as well as the appraised points of culture.


  • Share raw material between your villages:

Your small villages need abundant resources for their growth, that other villages will have to contribute. This process is extremely long and heavy... You will be able to say wich village sends resources to the another, which of them and their maximum amount.

It will be able to exactly set the movements of your own resources, to increase its efficiency. Stopped resources are losses at your growth.


  • Post on the market your resource's offers:

In many occasions you will have excessive raw material, and it is fundamental that you sell these resources to buy others more necessary. With the purposal that your merchants never are in crossed arms, you will be able to specify wich resource you want to sell and buy. When your merchants arrived at your villages, the offers will be put for sale again, so other players can accept them.


  • Buy in the market other player's offer:

Almost often its faster to buy then to sell, although less beneficial, since most of the times we sell to get some bennefict. But some players put at sale supplies that anyone would like to accept. These "lucky efforts" appear and disappear very fast, and it is difficult to have the opportunity to see them.

With this program you will be able to decide whatever you want to pay and by for the amount of resources and when the program finds that supply equal or more cheaper it will accept it automatically.


  • Send your troops any way you want to other villages:

This option can be used is several ocasions:

Asign which village to attack constantly, so that your troops may steal raw materials continuously so that other players can not benefit from them.

Mandar defensas a tus amigos mientras vas creando nuevas.

Are you being attacked? hide all the troops you create in other villages so that nobody can kill them.

Do you need to defend any of your village? you can concentrate the total of your troops in that village, not one will be left out without offering resistance to the agressor.

You will be able to continuously harass your opponent with fakes, your real attacks will be copletely hidden in them.

and what ever else you may come up with....


  • Automatically create troops:

It is part of the game having a great number of troops, as much of attack as defense, and you will be able to have your village constantly creating them without being worried about it. Also it is very useful useful when you have been attacked and you need to create defensive troops, quickly from all your villages.


  • Program the return of your troops:

You will be able to send as many troops as you want in any way, so they will arrive at its objective at a specific hour, without being worried to calculate the time they spent, nor of when you must send them so they arrive at the exact time you need.

You will be able to put your defenses between any attack that are incoming or sending your fakes so that all arrive at different villages at the same time, confusing your enemy.


  • Detecting attacks:

There is nothing more dangerous at travian, than not realizing that someone is attacking you.

The program will detect which village is being attacked and warn you, so that you can react as quickly as you can.


  • Shutting down your computer automatically:

You can set the program to shut down your computer at a specific hour, so till then you can leave the program extending your villages till the time you set it.


  • Closing or stopping the program:

If you do not want the program to enter at your villages at a specific moment, although you are not in front of your computer, this option will be very useful, for example, you will be able to close the program, but to continue unloading archives to your computer.


  • Adding notes or reminder:

In some occasions you needed to remember something in future, you can write that information and the program will save it so you will always record it, it is also useful if you need to comunicate with your staff quickly.


  • Chat:

The program has a system which allow all that use it to communicate among them, consulting your doubts or simply exchanging opinions of any type.


  • Cell phone message alert:

This option allows the program to sends a message to your cellphone, alerting when you are being attacked or receiving new igms.

There is no need to be in front of the computer to get informed about what happens in your account, sms alert you that something new happened.


  • Automatic and manual mode :

Although the purpose of the program is acting by is own, without your intervention, you should need an adaptation period, for that reason each action that the program can do by itself, you also have the possibility of putting it in automatic or manual way.

If it is in automatic way, the program will act alone, but nevertheless if this in manual way, whenever the program arranges to make some change in our account, requests your confirmation, showing you all the information or which it is going to make, to avoid some mistakes.


  • Hiding the program from others using your computer:

you can hide the program while it works on your account. the program will disappear and will add a discret icon next to your clock. making doble click on it the program will ask for a password of your travian account until dont put the correct password the program will not open again.